Garmin map update v22 2022

All maps updated to v22 2022

We updated all our maps for Garmin to Version v22 from January 2022. General we update our maps every 4 to 6 months, so we can provide the most up-to-date maps for your Garmin.

We also produced new maps for Garmin for the following countries

At the moment we work on the following map projects, Australia is the largest and most populous country in Oceania. New Zealand, A wonderful destination, with well-developed accommodations for travelers. Papua New Guinea with tropical rainforest, great scenery and culture. An adventurous, rarely visited, travel destination. Polynesia, with stunning paradisaical islands sprawling for thousands of miles across the remote South Pacific. Melanesia is closely related to the ethnocultural makeup of the oft-included Papua New Guinea, Melanesia is home to the always popular destination of Fiji. The tiny Micronesian islands fall on or north of the Equator, and see less tourist and business travel than the rest of the island groupings. If looking for a unique, mystical, beautiful destination, aim for Palau and its popular Rock Islands. Kayak tours and enthusiasts enjoy this area, and the caves accessed from the waterside.

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