Philippines Map for Garmin

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Philippines Map for Garmin navigation devices Download. Map is Plug & Play ready. Download includes also the Map-Installer for Windows and Mac PC

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The Philippines Map from GarminWorldmaps offers a routable map for Garmin GPS devices on a basic scale of 1: 25,000. This makes this map perfect for navigation and tour planning with a Garmin navigation device. The Map can also be installed on a PC or Mac computer. The map includes thousands of kilometers of road, cycling and walking trails. With its modern vector technology, the map always offers an optimal overview with maximum detail density. Individual elements, such as buildings, only become visible when you zoom in. By clicking on the individual elements, additional information such as name of the facility, type of business, information on streets and paths appear. The map contains addresses, street names, rivers, lakes, hills, country lanes, paths, point of interests, sights, public facilities such as train stations, train lines, airports, petrol stations, restaurants, hotels, campsites, hospitals, restaurants and many more.

Philippines for Garmin GPS

Plug & Play with Garmin Installation on WIN & MAC

Advantages of the GPS map

  • Route planning on PC and Mac (with the free Garmin software BaseCamp)
  • Transferring a route or track from your PC or Mac iOS to your Garmin GPS device is super easy. Just install the map included in your download on your PC or Mac iOS. Plan your adventures or trips and then copy everything to your GPS.
  • Editing of finished routes for individual adaptation
  • The map material is very detailed and comprehensive and always up to date
  • Depending on the Garmin model, our maps also support “routing” with voice output
  • This map is excellent for Street navigation, hiking, cycling and mountain biking. It calculates for every occasion the right way. The download includes three versions of the map so you don’t have to bother how and where to use it.
  • Windows computer. Map to install on the computer with the free software Garmin BaseCamp (Windows). With this map, you have the option of editing the map on your computer, planning routes, and sending the map and / or routes to the navigation system.
  • Mac OSx computer. Map to install on your computer with free Garmin BaseCamp software (Mac OSx). With this map, you have the option of editing the map on your computer, planning routes, and sending the map and / or routes to the navigation system.
  • GARMIN microSD card. Map for direct copying to the microSD card or the internal memory of the navigation device (without a computer). With this map you have the possibility to copy the GPS map directly to the navigation system or the microSD card. (Plug&Play).

Will this GarminWorldmaps Map work in My Garmin Outdoor GPS?

To confirm the device settings are correct and it is compatible, review the following –

Download the map

Immediately after paying, you will be directed to a page where you can download the map directly. You will also receive an email containing all the order details and the download link. The download Link will expire after 90 days.

Things to see in Philippines

Agno River, Babuyan Channel, Balintang Channel, Basilan Strait, Bohol Sea, Cagayan River, Celebes Sea, Davao Gulf, Lake Lanao, Lake Taal, Luzon Strait, Manila Bay, Mindoro Strait, Moro Gulf, Panay Gulf, Philippine Sea, Sibuyan Sea, South China Sea, Sulu Sea and Visayan Sea.


Map Update 2024 - GarminWorldmaps

GarminWorldmaps is specialized in maps for all Garmin units. Great street- and topographic maps for all your navigation and rout planing needs. This map data is from 2023. We update our maps every 4 to 6 months.
Garmin WorldMaps are digital maps that are available for purchase from Garmin WorldMaps, a company that produces GPS navigation maps for GPS tracking devices. These maps can be used with a variety of Garmin devices, including handheld GPS units, car navigation systems, and fitness trackers. The maps cover a wide range of geographic regions and countries, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. They include detailed road maps as well as topographic maps for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and geocaching. The maps also include points of interest, such as restaurants, gas stations, and attractions. To use Garmin WorldMaps, you will need to purchase the maps and then load them onto your compatible Garmin device. Once the maps are loaded, you can use the device to navigate to a specific location or follow a pre-planned route. The maps can also be used to track your progress and location while participating in outdoor activities.

3 reviews for Philippines Map for Garmin

  1. raymondalo001 (verified owner)

    works fine. excited

  2. Mossi

    The “.img” files are Garmin’s own file format, which should not be confused with Windows own image format, which is used to burn image files onto external data carriers.

    These “.img” files cannot be opened with a text program or similar. You must copy this file to a microSD memory card in the “garmin” folder. If the “garmin” folder does not already exist, create it and then copy the gmapsupp.img file into this folder.

    How to install the map on Garmin GPS
    • Download the map. You find the download link in the order confirmation E-Mail or in our user account if you have one on garminworldmaps.com
    • After Downloading the map, unpack (unzip) the file
    • Insert your SD-card into your SD-card reader. If you don’t have an SD-card reader, you can connect your Garmin GPS to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure that the SD-card is in the GPS unit before you plug it into the computer.
    • If you have already a “Garmin” folder with a map on your device. Make a backup.
    • If you want to use more than one map on your Garmin device, rename the gmapsupp.img to xxxxx.img (Do not change the .img ending)
    • Copy the folder “garmin” with the file gmapsupp.img to your Garmin. / Or copy the gmapsupp.img file into the Garmin folder on the SD-card. The folder name must begin with a capital “G”.
    The map will not work if you put the file in the >Garmin< folder of the GPS device itself. The map must be placed in the Garmin folder of the SD-card / or internal memory.
    Zumo 595LM, use the folder name Map with capital “M” instead of the Garmin. Create the folder on the SD-card if it does not already exist.
    • Safely remove the SD-card once the file has finished copying.
    • Turn on your Garmin GPS with the SD-card inserted and go through the following screen navigation:
    • Touch the Map Info button at the bottom and check the box beside the map to enable it. You should also uncheck the built-in map if the map areas overlap.
    For Garmin Zumo 595LM, use Settings → Map & Vehicle → myMaps.
    How to install the map on Windows using BaseCamp
    • Download the map. You find the download link in the order confirmation E-Mail or in our user account if you have one on garminworldmaps.com
    • After Downloading the map, unpack (unzip) the maps
    • Open the folder “win-mac”
    • Execute the program “GMAP_Installer_Topo_Map_xxx_en.exe” (Important: The Zip folder “Topo_Map_xxx_en.gmap.zip” must be in the same directory as the GMAP installation program. Note: Garmin BaseCamp must be closed in order to install the map on your PC
    • Now open Garmin Basecamp and select the map you just installed.
    How to install the map on macOS
    • Unzip the gmap file that you downloaded. You will find that file in the “win-mac” folder. After unzipping, you get a file named .gmap”.
    • Use Finder to locate your Application folder.
    • Hold Ctrl and click on the BaseCamp app icon. Select “Show Package Contents”.
    • The “Contents” folder should show up. Select it, and you will find a lot of files and folders.
    • Drag “.gmap” into the “Resources” folder.
    • BaseCamp should be able to see the map the next time it starts. You should be able to enable the map from the “Maps” menu.
    If you are having Problems than create a new folder called “gmapi”
    Copy the extracted folder “Topo_Map_CYP_en.gmap” to the “gmapi folder.
    Garmin Open Mapmanager and install the map.
    Older Garmin Devices
    • The Garmin device loads a single map file called “gmapsupp.img”. This file must be in a directory called “Garmin” on the SD-card (so the full path is “Garmin/gmapsupp.img”). If the “Garmin” directory does not exist on the SD-card, you will have to create it.
    • There can only be one “gmapsupp.img” file, so if the map is distributed as several .img files you will need to merge them together – this can be done with the mkgmap command “mkgmap –gmapsupp mapA.img mapB.img mapC.img […]”.

    Newer Garmin Devices

    1.These devices can load multiple “*.img” files. As with older devices, they must reside in a directory called “Garmin” on the SD-card (so the full path is “Garmin/*.img”). If the “Garmin” directory does not exist on the SD-card, one must be created.

    2.Though there is no particular requirement to do so, when maps are distributed as multiple “.img” files, use the mkgmap command “mkgmap –gmapsupp mapA.img mapB.img mapC.img […]” to combine them into a single file. This makes it easier to enable and disable the map in the on-device “Setup|Map|Map Information Select Map” menu.

    3.As there multiple “.img” files are permitted on the device, it is relatively simple to load more than one map set on the device. When loaded as individual files, each map may be individually enabled and disabled from the on-device “Setup|Map|Map Information Select Map” menu. It can be convenient to have the ability to enable and disable individual maps.

  3. dolf0410 (verified owner)


  4. Walter Eberhardt

    Great map. Worked well on the Philippines.

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