Spain is a beautiful and diverse country located in southwestern Europe. It shares borders with France to the north, Portugal to the west, and Andorra to the northeast. To the south, it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the west, it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

Spain has an extensive road network that spans more than 680,000 kilometers, making it the largest road network in Europe. The network is composed of paved highways, expressways, gravel roads, and 4×4 tracks. The country has an excellent system of highways and expressways that connect major cities and tourist destinations. The highways are well maintained and provide a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Spain is also an excellent destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, and hiking. The country is home to several beautiful natural parks and hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the countryside. One of the best ways to explore these areas is by using topographical maps from GarminWorldmaps. These maps provide detailed information about the terrain and can help visitors plan their routes and ensure their safety.

Cycling is also a popular activity in Spain, with many scenic routes available throughout the country. One of the most popular cycling routes is the Camino de Santiago, which is a 780-kilometer route that begins in the Pyrenees Mountains and ends in Santiago de Compostela. This route is also popular among hikers and provides a great opportunity to experience the diverse scenery and culture of Spain.

Spain is a beautiful and diverse country that offers something for everyone. With its extensive road network, well-maintained highways, and excellent outdoor activities, it is no surprise that Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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