Saint Martin

Saint Martin is a small island in the Caribbean Sea that is split between two countries: France and the Netherlands. The island is located approximately 240 kilometers east of Puerto Rico and 160 kilometers northwest of Guadeloupe.

The northern part of the island is a French overseas collectivity known as Saint-Martin, while the southern part is a constituent country of the Netherlands known as Sint Maarten. The island has a total area of 88 square kilometers, with the French side covering 53 square kilometers and the Dutch side covering 34 square kilometers.

The road network on Saint Martin is relatively small, with a total length of approximately 100 kilometers. The majority of roads on the island are paved, with some being designated as expressways. However, there are also a number of gravel and 4×4 tracks that are primarily used by off-road vehicles.

For those interested in exploring Saint Martin on foot or by bike, there are a number of trails and paths available. The island’s terrain is varied, ranging from rocky coastlines to lush green hills, and can be explored using topographical maps from GarminWorldmaps.

One popular hiking trail is the Pic du Paradis trail, which takes hikers to the highest point on the island, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Another popular activity is cycling, with a number of bike rental companies offering road and mountain bikes for rent.

Whether you prefer hiking, cycling, or exploring by car, Saint Martin has plenty of options for visitors to explore its beautiful scenery and unique cultural heritage.

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