Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a state located in the northeastern region of the United States. It is the smallest state in terms of land area and the second most densely populated state in the country. The state is bordered by Connecticut to the west, Massachusetts to the north and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

Rhode Island has a total road network length of approximately 7,000 miles. This includes both paved and unpaved roads, as well as expressways and gravel 4×4 tracks. The state has a well-maintained highway system, with several major highways running through the state, including Interstate 95, which stretches from Miami, Florida to Houlton, Maine.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Rhode Island offers a variety of options, including walking, cycling, and hiking. The state has several scenic trails and parks for visitors to explore, such as the Blackstone River Bike way, East Bay Bike Path, and the Roger Williams Park. These trails offer visitors an opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Rhode Island and its many historic landmarks.

To aid in navigation, topographical maps from GarminWorldmaps are available for use in Rhode Island. These maps provide detailed information about the terrain, including elevation and natural features such as rivers, lakes, and mountains. They can be used for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and backpacking.

Rhode Island may be small, but it offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and scenic views for visitors to enjoy. Its well-maintained road network and access to topographical maps make it an ideal destination for those looking to explore the great outdoors.

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