Papua, also known as Papua Province, is a province located in the easternmost part of Indonesia. The province is situated on the island of New Guinea and shares a border with Papua New Guinea to the east. The capital city of Papua is Jayapura, which is also the largest city in the province.

Papua has a total length of road network of approximately 4,500 kilometers, with most of the roads being unpaved and consisting of gravel and dirt tracks. The province is known for its rugged and challenging terrain, with many areas only accessible by 4×4 vehicles or on foot. Due to the challenging conditions, it is recommended to plan carefully before embarking on a road trip in Papua and to bring appropriate equipment, such as spare tires and winches.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Papua offers a wealth of opportunities for walking, cycling, and hiking. The province is home to some of the most spectacular and untouched wilderness areas in the world, including the Baliem Valley and the Raja Ampat Islands. Topographical maps from GarminWorldmaps can be useful for those planning hiking or cycling trips in the region, providing detailed information on elevation changes and terrain features.

One popular hiking destination in Papua is the Baliem Valley, which is located in the central highlands of the province. The valley is home to several traditional Dani villages and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests. Visitors can also participate in guided hikes and cultural tours led by local guides, allowing them to learn more about the unique customs and traditions of the Dani people.

Papua is a unique and challenging destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities and adventure. Its rugged terrain and spectacular wilderness areas make it a must-visit destination for hikers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts alike. However, it is important to plan carefully and take appropriate safety precautions before embarking on any outdoor activities in the region.

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