North Dakota

North Dakota is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is bordered by the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan to the north, Minnesota to the east, South Dakota to the south, and Montana to the west.

The state has a total road network of over 100,000 miles, which includes both paved and unpaved roads. Paved highways and expressways cover a majority of the state and are maintained by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. The state’s main east-west highway, Interstate 94, runs through the central part of the state and connects Fargo, Bismarck, and Dickinson. Other major highways include U.S. Highway 2, which runs east-west across the northern part of the state, and U.S. Highway 83, which runs north-south through the western part of the state.

North Dakota also has numerous unpaved and gravel roads, including 4×4 tracks. These roads can be rough and are typically used by farmers and ranchers to access their land. Some of these roads can be difficult to navigate without a high-clearance vehicle or 4×4.

For those who enjoy walking, cycling, and hiking, North Dakota offers many opportunities to explore the state’s natural beauty. The state has numerous parks and nature reserves, such as Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Maah Daah Hey Trail. These areas offer a range of trails that vary in difficulty and length, with some trails providing stunning views of the state’s badlands, rivers, and prairies.

For those who want to explore North Dakota’s trails and backcountry areas, topographical maps from GarminWorldmaps can be a helpful resource. These maps provide detailed information on elevation, terrain, and topographical features that can aid in planning outdoor adventures. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, or driving, North Dakota’s diverse landscape and extensive road network make it an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

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