Montana is a western state in the United States, known for its vast and rugged terrain. It is bordered by Idaho to the west, Wyoming to the south, North Dakota to the east, and Canada to the north. The state is the fourth-largest state in the US, with a land area of over 147,000 square miles.

Montana has a total road network length of over 83,000 miles, which includes both paved and unpaved roads. However, the state has a relatively low population density, which means that much of its road network is made up of smaller roads and highways that serve rural areas. In fact, Montana has only one major interstate highway, I-90, which runs east-west across the state.

Despite its lack of expressways, Montana has plenty of scenic routes that are popular with drivers and motorcyclists. Many of these routes are unpaved, such as the 50-mile-long Gravelly Range Road, which winds through the Gravelly Mountains in the southwestern part of the state. There are also numerous 4×4 tracks throughout the state for off-roading enthusiasts.

Montana is also a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, cycling, and walking. With over 17 million acres of public land, including national forests, wilderness areas, and state parks, there is no shortage of opportunities to explore the state’s natural beauty. The state has over 1,000 miles of hiking trails, including parts of the famous Continental Divide Trail, which runs through Montana’s Rocky Mountains.

To help hikers and outdoor enthusiasts navigate Montana’s terrain, GarminWorldmaps offers topographical maps of the state. These maps provide detailed information about the state’s elevation, terrain, and water features, which can be useful for planning hiking and biking routes.

Montana may not have the same network of highways and expressways as other states, but it more than makes up for it with its vast and rugged terrain. With its stunning landscapes, numerous outdoor activities, and excellent mapping resources, Montana is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the beauty of the American West.

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