Luxembourg is a small landlocked country in Western Europe, bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France. Despite its small size, Luxembourg boasts a well-developed road network that covers a total length of approximately 12,000 kilometers.

The majority of Luxembourg’s roads are paved, and there are a number of expressways that provide fast and efficient travel between major cities. The country also has a network of gravel roads and 4×4 tracks that are popular among off-road enthusiasts.

In addition to road travel, Luxembourg is also a great destination for walking, cycling, and hiking. The country’s varied topography and natural beauty make it an ideal location for outdoor activities. GarminWorldmaps offers detailed topographical maps of the country that are useful for hikers and cyclists alike.

One of the most popular hiking routes in Luxembourg is the Mullerthal Trail, also known as the “Little Switzerland” of Luxembourg. This 112-kilometer trail winds through stunning rock formations, forests, and valleys. Cyclists can enjoy a number of well-marked cycling routes throughout the country, including the Vennbahn cycle path which runs through three countries – Luxembourg, Germany, and Belgium.

Luxembourg is also home to a number of nature reserves and parks that are perfect for exploring on foot or by bike. The Ardennes region in the north of the country, for example, offers stunning views and a wealth of hiking trails, while the Obersauer Nature Park in the east is known for its beautiful lakes and wetlands.

Luxembourg is a hidden gem for those who love outdoor activities and natural beauty. Whether you prefer road travel, off-road adventures, or exploring on foot or by bike, this small but stunning country has something to offer everyone.

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