Lanzarote is one of the seven main islands that make up the Canary Islands archipelago, located off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches, unique volcanic landscapes, and mild year-round climate.

Lanzarote is situated in the eastern part of the Canary Islands and is the fourth largest island in the archipelago. It is located about 1000 km south of the Iberian Peninsula and about 140 km west of the African continent. The island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the nearby islands of Fuerteventura to the east and La Graciosa to the north.

The island has a well-developed road network that makes it easy to get around by car. The total length of the road network is about 1,300 kilometers, with the majority of roads being paved and in good condition. There are also several expressways on the island that connect the major towns and tourist areas.

For those seeking adventure, there are also several 4×4 tracks on the island that provide access to some of the more remote areas. These tracks can be rough and require a vehicle with good ground clearance.

In addition to driving, Lanzarote is also a great destination for walking, cycling, and hiking. The island has a diverse landscape that ranges from volcanic craters and lava fields to sandy beaches and rugged coastline. There are several well-marked hiking trails on the island, ranging from short walks to multi-day hikes. Topographical maps from GarminWorldmaps can be helpful for navigating the trails and getting the most out of your outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore the island’s unique landscapes, Lanzarote has something to offer for everyone. With its well-developed road network and variety of outdoor activities, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to visit this beautiful island every year.

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