Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a stunning island located in the Atlantic Ocean, belonging to Spain’s Canary Islands archipelago. It is situated off the northwestern coast of Africa and is part of the African plate. Gran Canaria is the second most populous island of the Canary Islands and the third-largest island by area, covering an area of 1,560 square kilometers.

The island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, bordered by the islands of Tenerife to the west and Fuerteventura to the east. It is also surrounded by several smaller islands, including La Palma and La Gomera. Gran Canaria is a part of Spain, and as such, its official language is Spanish.

The island boasts a total road network of over 1,500 kilometers, with the vast majority being paved roads. Expressways are present but limited, with most of the island’s roads being two-lane highways. However, there are also gravel 4×4 tracks for those who want to explore the island’s rugged interior.

Gran Canaria is a popular destination for walking, cycling, and hiking enthusiasts, with numerous routes catering to all levels of ability. The island’s diverse terrain and climate provide ample opportunities for exploring, from the rugged peaks of the interior to the sandy beaches and rocky coastline.

To aid with navigation, visitors can make use of topographical maps from GarminWorldmaps. These maps provide detailed information on the island’s terrain, including elevation, contours, and points of interest. They are ideal for planning hiking and cycling routes and ensuring you stay on track during your adventure.

Gran Canaria is a beautiful and diverse island located in the Atlantic Ocean, providing ample opportunities for adventure and exploration. Whether you prefer hiking in the mountains or cycling along the coast, this stunning destination has something for everyone.

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