Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a region in Europe that includes a diverse set of countries with unique cultures and histories. The countries in Eastern Europe are located to the east of Germany and to the north of Greece. This region includes countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and others.

Bordering countries

Eastern Europe is bordered by Western Europe to the west, the Baltic Sea and Nordic countries to the north, the Black Sea and Turkey to the south, and Russia to the east.

Road network

The road network in Eastern Europe is extensive, with a total length of approximately 2.5 million kilometers. This includes both paved and unpaved roads. Many countries in Eastern Europe are still developing their road networks, so some areas may have limited infrastructure.

Paved and expressways

Most major cities in Eastern Europe have paved roads and expressways connecting them. Some of the countries in this region have invested heavily in their infrastructure in recent years, building new highways and expressways to improve transportation.

Gravel and 4×4 tracks

While most major roads in Eastern Europe are paved, there are still some areas that have gravel and dirt roads, particularly in rural areas. Off-road enthusiasts can find 4×4 tracks and off-road trails in some parts of the region.

Eastern Europe has a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and an ever-growing road network. Whether you are a traveler exploring the region’s cities or an off-road enthusiast looking for adventure, Eastern Europe has something for everyone.

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