American Samoa

American Samoa is a group of islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is an unincorporated territory of the United States and is situated about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. The islands of American Samoa include Tutuila, Aunu’u, Ofu, Olosega, Tau, and Rose Atoll.

As an unincorporated territory of the United States, American Samoa does not have any bordering countries. The closest countries are Samoa to the east and Tonga to the south.

The road network in American Samoa is relatively small, with a total length of around 200 miles. Most of the roads are paved and well-maintained, but there are some unpaved roads and gravel tracks in more remote areas. There are no expressways on the islands.

While American Samoa is not necessarily known for its hiking or cycling, there are some opportunities for outdoor activities on the islands. On Tutuila, visitors can hike to the summit of Mount Alava for stunning views of the island, or explore the National Park of American Samoa, which includes trails through tropical rainforest and along the coast.

For those interested in cycling, there are a few rental options available on the islands, and some of the more scenic areas can be explored on two wheels. Additionally, there are several parks and beaches that make for good walking or jogging routes.

Topographical maps of American Samoa can be found through GarminWorldmaps, which offer detailed information about the geography and terrain of the islands. These maps can be useful for those planning outdoor activities or looking to explore the more remote areas of the islands.

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