Map install on Windows

How to install the Garmin map on your Windows PC

  1. After download the map. Double click on the file to start the installation process.
  2. It requires administrator access. On Windows 7 and Vista you will be asked about this.
  3. Accept the license.
  4. Specify the path for installation of the map. (if you want).
  5. We recommend using the default path which is C:\Garmin\Maps.
  6. Please notice that the uninstall program will be placed in the path you choose.


Upgrade a Garmin map on Windows PC

  1. For upgrading a map we recommend uninstalling the old map before installing the new map.

BaseCamp is software from Garmin for viewing maps, waypoints, routes and tracks, and transferring them to or from a Garmin GPS device. It is available to download free of charge for Windows or Mac OS X.

Download Basecam for Windows

System Requirements:

  1. Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later is required. Machines with earlier operating systems can use BaseCamp 4.2.5.
  2. .NET framework 4.5 SP1 is required. A current version of .NET will be installed if needed.
  3. Windows Media Player 11 or greater is required (a free download from Microsoft).
  4. 1 GB of system memory is required, 2 GB of system memory is recommended when using BirdsEye Imagery or Garmin Custom Maps.
  5. A video card that supports OpenGL version 1.3 or later is needed to enable the 3D view.
  6. If you experience problems when interacting with the map views, please make sure that you have installed current video card drivers.
  7. BaseCamp will recognize all MapSource products except BlueChart.
  8. BaseCamp does not work with serial GPS devices.


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