Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west. The state has a population of approximately 5 million people and covers an area of around 52,000 square miles.

Alabama has an extensive road network, with over 104,000 miles of public roads. This includes around 1,200 miles of interstate highways, which connect major cities such as Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile to the rest of the country. The state also has several major U.S. highways, including U.S. Route 31, U.S. Route 43, and U.S. Route 78.

In terms of paved expressways, Alabama has several limited-access highways, including Interstate 20, Interstate 59, and Interstate 65, which are all part of the national interstate highway system. These expressways provide fast and efficient travel across the state and connect Alabama to neighboring states.

In addition to paved expressways, Alabama also has a network of gravel and 4×4 tracks, particularly in rural areas. These roads are often used for agricultural and forestry purposes, and are also popular among off-road enthusiasts.

Overall, Alabama’s road network is well-maintained and provides efficient transportation options for both residents and visitors.

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