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Download Anguilla copyright free open source maps for Garmin navigation devices for all countries worldwide. The Anguilla map from the OpenStreetMap project provides excellent routable roadmaps for Anguilla


The Anguilla map from the OpenStreetMap project provides excellent routable roadmaps for Anguilla. These maps are converted to use them legal and free of charge on any Garmin GPS device. Since the Open Street Map project is open source and depending on the contributions of users to gather the map data, it is not complete for some regions. General the maps are great for routing especially in cities and on main overland routes.

Anguilla – Map for Garmin GPS

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Beside the individual country map of Anguilla there is a variety of combined maps. They do contain the same level of detail data than the individual country maps. We offer them for your convenience and besides this you can save money compared to the individual maps. We took a lot of care to convert the maps so they will work on your Garmin GPS navigation devices.  All files are converted to the Garmin .img format. All Garmin GPS maps are routable. The maps are stored in a zip file containing the .img file for Garmin devices.

Things to see in Anguilla

Shoal Bay, sometimes called Shoal Bay (East) to distinguish it from Shoal Bay West, stretches for a mile or so. It is seldom crowded even at Shoal Bay Village where there is a cluster of resorts, restaurants and beach bars. East of Shoal Bay Village, toward Gwen’s, you may have the beach to yourself. The water is usually calm, making this a good family beach. At the eastern end, snorkelers float over areas of coral rock near the beach. Access: At Shoal Bay Village or at Gwen’s Reggae Bar—look for signs on the road between Shoal Bay Village and Island Harbor. Meads Bay is less protected from waves than Shoal Bay, but is a fine strolling beach. Several resorts and villas line the beach but do not dominate it. Access: Frangiapani Resort has designated parking spaces for public access, and a public access path to the left of the building. Savannah Bay is a mile-long beach without a hotel in sight. Except for a few people around Palm Grove Grill at the northern end, you may have the beach to yourself. Access: On the paved road across the eastern end of the island, watch for a sign for Palm Grove. The sand road to the beach is rough and rocky in places, but can be driven during daylight with no great difficulty. Park next to Palm Grove. Rendezvous Bay. Yes, another mile of beautiful beach! The eastern part, along the salt pond, is undeveloped. A couple of beach bars on the western part offer refreshment. Access: On the main road, watch for a sign for Anguilla Great House at Willow Lane. Continue past the Great House entrance and park in the unpaved lot at the salt pond. Shoal Bay West is a pleasant beach with a good view of St. Martins. Lined with villas in a dramatic modern style, the beach itself is often deserted. Access: Stay on the main road until the paving ends. Park next to the salt pond. The public access path is between two of the villas. Little Bay can be the least or the most crowded of the beaches—it is so small that a yachtful of visitors can fill it up. This is a popular snorkeling area. Rocks near the shore offer the beginner a chance to see colorful little fishes, while better swimmers may glimpse sea turtles. Access: The adventurous can try to find the path that leads down the cliff that surrounds the beach. For the rest of us, go to Crocus Bay in The Valley and ask for Calvin at the tamarind tree. He will take you there in his motor boat, and can be trusted to come back for you at the agreed time.


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