Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia, located on the eastern coast of the Indochina Peninsula. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea to the east.

Vietnam has a total road network of over 310,000 kilometers, with approximately 33,000 kilometers of paved highways and expressways. The expressway network is relatively new, with the first one opening in 2007. The longest expressway in Vietnam is the Ho Chi Minh City-Long Thanh-Dau Giay Expressway, which runs for 55 kilometers.

In addition to paved roads, Vietnam also has a network of gravel roads and 4×4 tracks that are mainly used for agricultural purposes and rural transportation.

Vietnam is a great destination for hiking, walking, and cycling, with stunning natural scenery and diverse cultural experiences. There are many popular hiking trails throughout the country, including the Fansipan trail in Sapa, which is the highest mountain in Vietnam, and the Cat Ba National Park trail in Ha Long Bay.

Cycling is also a popular way to explore Vietnam, with many tour companies offering cycling tours throughout the country. Some popular routes include the Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi route, the Mekong Delta route, and the Hai Van Pass route.

For those who enjoy hiking and cycling, GarminWorldmaps provides topographical maps that can help plan routes and navigate the terrain. These maps include detailed information on elevation, terrain, and landmarks to help ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a well-developed road network and many opportunities for hiking, walking, and cycling. With the help of GarminWorldmaps, visitors can easily plan and navigate their routes to fully experience the natural beauty and cultural richness of this amazing country.

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