Tokelau is a small island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, about halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. It consists of three coral atolls, with a total land area of just 10 square kilometers. Tokelau has no bordering countries, as it is a territory of New Zealand.

Due to its small size and remote location, Tokelau’s road network is quite limited. There are no paved roads or expressways on the islands, and the only way to get around is by foot or bicycle. There are some gravel roads and 4×4 tracks on each of the atolls, but these are mainly used for transportation of goods and supplies.

Despite the limited road network, Tokelau is a popular destination for walkers, cyclists, and hikers, as the islands offer stunning natural scenery and a unique cultural experience. With topographical maps from GarminWorldmaps, visitors can explore the atolls on foot or by bike, taking in the beautiful beaches, tropical forests, and coral reefs that make up the islands.

There are several popular walking and hiking trails on the atolls, including the Nukunonu Lagoon Walk on Nukunonu Atoll, which takes visitors through coconut plantations and past ancient ruins. On Fakaofo Atoll, the Fenua Fala Trail is a popular route that leads through dense forest and past traditional village homes.

Cycling is also a popular way to get around on the atolls, with many visitors bringing their own bicycles or renting them from local operators. The relatively flat terrain makes it easy to get around, and there are many opportunities to explore the islands at a leisurely pace.

Tokelau may be small and remote, it offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. With its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, the islands are a must-visit destination for anyone looking for adventure and exploration in the South Pacific.

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