El Salvador

El Salvador is a small country located in Central America, bordered by Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east. It is the smallest country in Central America, with a total area of just over 21,000 square kilometers.

The road network in El Salvador consists of both paved and unpaved roads. As of 2021, the total length of roads in the country was approximately 10,000 kilometers, of which approximately 90% were paved. The remaining 10% of the road network is made up of dirt roads, some of which are only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles.

El Salvador has made significant improvements to its road infrastructure in recent years, with the construction of new highways and the expansion of existing ones. One of the most important highways in the country is the CA-2, which connects the capital city of San Salvador with the port city of La Libertad on the Pacific coast.

In addition to the CA-2, there are several other major highways in the country, including the CA-1, which runs from Guatemala to El Salvador’s border with Honduras, and the CA-4, which runs from El Salvador’s border with Guatemala to its border with Honduras. These highways are part of the Central American Highway network, which connects all of the countries in the region.

While much of El Salvador’s road network is in good condition, there are still some areas where roads are in need of repair. In rural areas, many roads are unpaved and can be difficult to navigate during the rainy season. However, the government of El Salvador has made improving the country’s infrastructure a priority, and there are plans to continue investing in road construction and maintenance in the coming years.

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